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3/11/2015: Seger certainly has worried fans with the title of his current tour, “Ride Out”. Will he be riding out of the music business for good? In a recent interview, the Rock n’ Roll hero said that nothing is set in stone. He’s been back and forth on the issue of retirement since 2007, as he when on a 9 year hiatus from the music industry in order to spend time raising his kids. Not only is Bob Seger a music legend, but he’s also quite the family man. He took the time off of his music career so that he could drive his kids to marching band practices, watch them perform in piano recitals, and just be there for their childhood. He and Garth Brooks have kind of run parallel in their careers with balancing their roles as super Dads and super stars. Both also were nudged back on tour by getting inducted into the Hall of Fame. Now that Seger’s kids will have been able to see him perform, he has pretty much “ridden out” his music career. This very well may be his last tour, so don’t miss it! Buy your tickets here at!

1/27/2015: The final date for Bob Seger’s “Ride Out” tour is fast-approaching! Seger and the Silver Bullet Band will finish out an outstanding tour in Nashville on Saturday, March 28th. Tickets for what very well might be Seger’s last show will go on sale at 10 a.m. on February 7th. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the legend’s final debut, and buy your tickets here at!

1/25/2015: Bob Seger never fails to impress. The old dog definitely has some new tricks, one of which was selling out the Huntington Center show on Tuesday night. Seger and the Silver Bullet Band were like a well-oiled machine, putting on a flawless show from beginning to end. A flawless concert is always impressive, but what’s even more impressive it the band’s ability to integrate new music into their age-old tracks. The show is a fusion of Seger’s all-time-bests and his newest work: a dynamite combination. Don’t miss it, and buy your tickets here at!

1/20/2015: Bob Seger’s career has been one for the ages, but it wasn’t riddled with an insane amount of time on the road, unlike other rockers of his day. Catching this old dog performing live is truly a treat, so be sure not to miss his current tour! The tour’s purpose doubles as a sort of farewell while at the same time promoting his new album, “Ride Out”. Fans will get to hear their old favorites mixed in with some of Seger’s newest work. In short, this tour is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t miss out, and buy your tickets here at!

1/13/2015: What do you think you’ll be doing when you’re 70 years old? Bob Seger has the average 70 year-old beat, as he tours the country sharing his life’s work with his fans. Every review of his concerts has expressed how the quality of his performances is still top-notch, and it might have even improved over the years like a fine wine. This old dog knows how to please a crowd that spans generations, and the variety of fans he has acquired, as well as his many years of success, prove that his music will stand the test of time.

12/08/2014: Contrary to popular belief, it actually pays better to be a veteran artist in the world of music. Most people would assume that young stars like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande are outselling old dog's like Bob Seger, but that isn't necessarily true. A farewell tour, although the thought is a bit morbid, implies the idea that this very well may be the last opportunity fans have to see their heroes on stage. Veteran rockers like Bob Seger have hits, history, and huge fan bases. Their fans grow nostalgic at the idea of a farewell and kick in the extra cash to take advantage of their final opportunity to see their favorite artists from back in the day. Don't miss your opportunity to bit adieu to the legendary Bob Seger, and buy your tickets here at!

12/01/2014: The CMT series, "Crossroads" is typically slow with new installments, but what they do produce is always worth waiting for. Their most recent episode featured Jason Aldean and Bob Seger performing together. An odd pair at first glance, but after listening to just one song it was clear that the duo's voices complemented each other quite well. The well-paired combination serves to show how much country and rock have merged over the years. The episode also featured clips of the two stars chatting over drinks. They discovered a fun similiarity: both drove delivery trucks at some point in their life. Mr. Adlean drove a Pepsi truck, and Mr. Seger drove trucks that delivered cigarettes and candy. Just imagine the jam sessions these stars must have had in their trucks along the way!

11/19/2014: Bob Seger's latest album, "Ride Out", is a Top 5 hit here in the U.S., but fans in Australia wouldn't be able to lend their opinions on the work. It has been reported that the executives at EMI Australia have decided against the release of Seger's new masterpiece. A strange decision, as Seger has a great track record in Australia with seven Top 30 albums there. He also covered an originally Australian tune on the album,and is rumored to be making stops in Australia on his new tour. Hopefully the execs at EMI Australia will come to their senses and give the fans what they want: the latest work of the legendary Bob Seger!

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