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What Bruno Mars does goes beyond revivalism. Where some acts are happy to put on the tropes of past genres to earn nostalgia points from folks who weren’t even alive when the original acts were releasing new music, Mars bends entire eras into something that nods to the past while feeling undeniably fresh. In all things, Bruno Mars is a performer, willing to hop through different sounds and leave it all on the stage for the sake of his fans.

Mars was impersonating his favorites from an early age. He performed the hits of Michael Jackson and the Temptations. His Elvis Presley impersonation act became known throughout his home of Hawaii. Now that he’s a world-famous singer, he hasn’t moved away from the idea of paying tribute to a legend. As a top-line pop singer, Bruno Mars has run through everything from the reggae-indebted New Wave of The Police to the Minneapolis funk sound of Prince and The Time.

Though his hits played end to end sound like an American jukebox, his sense of flair and showmanship demands to be seen live. Bruno Mars tickets guarantee that you can see one of this generation’s best performers on the stage.

Bruno Mars Tickets - 2018 2019 24K Magic Tour

Bruno Mars concert tickets are the only way to make sure that you take in the “Uptown Funk” singer in the way he was meant to be seen. While hearing the track at every wedding reception or out of every car window for years might make you think you’ve heard the song, seeing it live thanks to our easy-to-purchase Bruno Mars tickets will revitalize your love of his catalog all over again.

Bruno Mars concert tickets from Front Row allow you to see the stunning performer live and in his element. Searching through our database of concert tickets will help you find when the entertainer comes to your town, allowing you to pick up Bruno Mars tickets here at Front Row at a low price. 

Bruno Mars 24K Magic Tour Tickets & Concert Dates

Of course, since the release of “Uptown Funk,” Mars has let loose another slab that excavated the past and twisted it to his own ends. 24K Magic mined solid gold bedroom music with hits like “That’s What I Like” and “Finesse.” Along with his other hits in every genre imaginable, the smoother new tracks round out an incredibly successful career in pop music.  The new sound has brought in a whole new crop of fans who can catch him on his current run of tour dates by snagging Bruno Mars concert tickets.  

Mars has launched the XXIVK Magic tour with the intention of bringing his jukebox stylings to as many ears as possible. As this massive tour that snakes its way through North America through the fall of 2018, you can be sure of your seat at an upcoming show thanks to Front Row Tickets.

These concert tickets are the only way to be sure that you see one of the greatest working entertainers when he comes into your town. Take a look through his tour dates and purchase your Bruno Mars tickets today. Whether you want to be right on the stage or up in the seats, your Bruno Mars concert tickets are ready and waiting at Front Row Tickets.

Bruno Mars News:

5/16/17: This just in! Bruno Mars has been nominated five times for a BET Award! Specifically for his hit "24k Magic". He is up and competing against Beyonce. However, he is also up for best male R&B/pop artist, album of the year,viewers choice award, and video of the year. This makes him extremely good competition. We will have to wait and see who will be on top though. So stayed tuned for the results. The Migos have also been nominated and will be going up against Mars as well, the stakes are deep. In the mean time, go to now and get tickets for a show near you to see this superstar doing what he does best!

4/6/17: Attention all pop fans, one of our favorites is doing phenomenally on the charts. Bruno Mars' hit song "That's What I Like" is projected to take number one on this weeks rhythmic airplay chart. This is the second straight single lead that Mars has held on this chart! His successes on the media must be greatly contributed to his life long talent and hard work paying off through the years. Mars is known for not only his catchy songs but also his dance moves. When he was a child his parents would refer to him as "little Elvis". It is said that he would sing and dance around the household impersonating Elvis. The act was apparently so good the nickname stuck with his father, who was very impressed with his sons natural rhythm for dance and music. Although Mars has built a career with his own personal touch infused in it, it is undeniable that he draws inspiration from the legendary King. At the 2017 Grammy Awards , Mars was dressed in an "King inspired outfit" one reporter notes from the event when talking with the pop star. This long time successful performer sure knows how to learn from greatness before him while remaining in the present and creating a style of his own. This skill of understanding the importance of this combination of past and present is probably what has fueled and propelled this star forward so quickly in the charts. There is much still to come and look forward to for him. Go to now and find a show near you to experience the greatness of this phenomenal artist! 

1/16/2017: The Fil-American, Bruno Mars, continues to expand his talents nationally and globally. As he was looking to be booked for the Miss Universe pageant in 2016 but respectfully declined due to wanting to prepare for his world tour. Which was a smart move by Mr. Mars, his hard work and determination have clearly paid off. This past week in R&B/Hip-Hop records, his single "24K Magic" earned a top spot in the sales chart. Much more to come with this phenomenal artist so, go to now and find a show near you!

11/29/2016: Bruno Mars has so many tricks up his sleeves, in his pants, under his hat; wherever he can conveniently hide them and pull them out as needed. Like a master magician, this fantastical musician can transport you by tapping into your imagination whenever he chooses if you allow him to lead you, especially into the past. If Orson Wells had an opportunity to hear and meet Mr. Mars, there would have been more than a War of the Worlds. Mr. Mars has truly mastered a time machine which takes listeners back with musical sounds and styles dating back to the 30’s to the recent sounds of th bizarre 90’s which Bruno refines and redefines. The music is nothing short of mesmerizing which makes it easy to sow new fans out of otherwise skeptical listeners.

Retro fans are out of their minds crazy for the various available formats of Bruno’s third album, “24K Magic,” of course its available on vinyl! The sounds are fresh, brass, exhilarating, magical - that’s it, MAGICAL! This is one magical musician you DO NOT want to miss hearing live along with all the other sounds he throws at you from the stage. Its quite a ride.

There’s something for everyone in this show; with sounds from the 30’s to the 90’s and of the great 20th century. Bruno is also adding to the styles that will help define the music of the early 21st century, which makes this concert all the more fresh, new and exciting! The music sometimes feels nostalgic, dead center stylized and at other times purely unique, which proves that every cent you spent was worth an evening with Mr. Mars.

If music was a map and you could pinpoint all the places Bruno Mars takes you through this amazing concert experience, like a map with thumbtacks marking the highlights of the world traveler, the Bruno Mars musical map would have more thumbtacks covering it with very little uncharted area left to be seen. has some of the best thumbtacks available for you to place on your musical map, why not give Bruno a poke?

Enjoy your trip to Mars!


09/15/2014: As surprising as it might seem, Bruno Mars has only released a total of two studio albums. These albums have both been able to achieve enormous success on a commerical level and have been commended by several of the toughest critics in the business. These were released two years apart, and fans have anxiously been awaiting a third album from the pop prince. It is rumored that Mars is working on the long over-due third installment of his musical talents, and fans could not be more excited!


08/30/2014: Mars is scheduled to perform next month down in Mexico, but until recently the show was completely sold out. Fans are elated now, as Zignia LIVE has revealed that they have a limited numbers of seats left to sell to fans. The company has 500 tickets to sell per date, but these miracle tickets are pricey and have a limited view. Despite the cons, Bruno Mars diehards are chomping at the bit to get their hands on these unexpected tickets!


08/23/2014: Mars was recently asked via twitter, "What's one place you haven't performed at but want to?" The pop prince responded by listing off Israel, a while as Russia and Cuba. Many artists such as Cee-Lo Green and the Backstreet Boys have actually had to cancel their performances in Israel due to terrorism. The cancellations have been costly and like Mars, many artists were previously excited to perform there.


8/11/14: On Monday at 10 a.m., tickets will go on sale to the Ali Center Benefit Concert which will feature Bruno Mars this year. The highly acclaimed current Prince of Pop will perform in Louisville on September 20th at 5 p.m. This concert will bring in loads of money for charity, while also celebrating the 40th anniversary of Ali's legendary fight with George Foreman which was called the “Rumble in the Jungle”. Tickets will go fast, so be sure to buy yours at!


07/21/2104: Although the band members are three times the pop star's age, MiKe Love, lead singer of the Beach Boys, said that the group would be thrilled to work with Mars. Love explained that he appreciates the "old-school" characteristics of Mars and his work, and admires his overall talent and showmanship. Love then went even further, likening Mars to the legendary James Brown! It will be interesting to see what musical creations this combination of artists could bring about.


07/08/2104: When Mars' show began at the Wireless festival, he was not receiving the attention of the crowd that a star like him usually attracts. The audience was distracted by festival foods, other acts, social media, and they had just been soaked to their underpants by a rain shower. Needless to say, it was a tough crowd to begin with. Mars was not satisfied with that, and told the ladies in the crowd to put down their phones. Once he said that, the show got moving and he charmed the crowd the way he always does. His wide vocal range, catchy sing-along songs and Michael Jackson-esque dance moves won over the audience in a heart beat.


07/01/2014: Last year, a young girl by the name of Zumya Thorpe had her pregnant mother and two sisters taken from her by the carelessness of a drunk driver. She suffered major brain damage, and while she was recovering she listened to Mars' music. She would walk to the beat of his hits, and eventually even sang along. The doctors are convinced that Mars' music was instrumental in the healing process, and on Saturday, Thorpe was able to meet Mars and even listen to him serenade her.


06/23/2014: You may not have questioned Bruno Mars' headlining the half-time show at the Super Bowl this year, but in doing so, he did something no one had ever done before. He performed the halftime show after releasing only two albums. His ability to work an arena, overwhelming stage presence and endless musical ability allowed him to book one of the best gigs in the country. Better luck next time, Justin Timberlake.


6/11/2014: Bruno Mars has recently been working with boxing legend Muhammad Ali, who is currently reaching out to the country in Africa where he previously earned his legendary “Rumble in the Jungle” fight forty years ago. The museum and cultural center dedicated to Ali released plans for a benefit concert that will feature Bruno Mars in Louisville-Ali's hometown. The concert will be aired via satellite in Congo, and the funds raised by the event will be directed toward the betterment of the country's youth.


4/17/2014: Bruno Mars is always there to help a good cause when he can which is why he has agreed to donate his time and four VIP tickets for his upcoming Madison Square Garden concert to a charity auction. The winner will get the privilege to meet Mars backstage before the concert with proceeds going to the Stephen Gaynor School which helps over 300 children with learning difficulties.


4/16/2014: The hit show The Voice is in its playoff round as it begins to narrow down to the final group of contestants to see who will be the “Voice.” In the playoff round singer Josh Kauffman chose to sing the challenging Bruno Mars’ “It Will Rain” which wowed judges and helped propel him into the next round. Mars himself will be performing this weekend in his native Honolulu.


4/15/2014: Bruno Mars will play in his native Hawaii for the first time since headlining the Super Bowl Halftime show earlier this year on Friday in Honolulu. Since that memorable performance Bruno Mars tickets have increased a bump in ticket prices for his Moonshine Jungle Tour which sees prices average $611 for his Friday concert.


4/14/2014: This weekend pop singer Bruno Mars will return to his homeland of Hawaii to perform two concerts at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center Arena in Honolulu. Mars will play at the venue on back to back nights Friday and Saturday and has seen great demand for Bruno Mars tickets as both shows combine for an average ticket price of $415.


4/11/2014: It has just come to light that Bruno Mars among others will be headlining the Wireless Festival in London later on this summer. Mars joins a list that includes Kanye West, Drake and Outkast for this festival which is slated to take place July 4th through the 6th in England.

4/10/2014: Bruno Mars just seems to be one of the most genuinely happy people in the music business with a smile seemingly always on the singers face. Yesterday he found yet another reason to show his million dollar smile as he was nominated for three Billboard Music Awards: Top Artist, Top Male Artist and Top Radio Songs Artist. Bruno Mars tickets for his Moonshine Jungle Tour are some of the hardest to get this summer so be sure to get yours now rather than risk them selling out.

4/9/2014: On Tuesday singer Bruno Mars made a stop in Seoul, Korea to perform as part of his Moonshine Jungle Tour. Mars is presently touring all over Asia now before coming back to America later this year. Bruno will now head to Osaka and Tokyo to perform in both cities.


4/8/2014: Bruno Mars is a man of many talents, and that list has just gotten a little bit bigger as he will not only be a part of the soundtrack for the upcoming sequel “Rio 2” he will also be featured in the animated movie as well. Mars will voice the part of Roberto in the new movie who takes a liking to Anne Hathaways character Jewel on the big screen.


4/7/2014: Bruno Mars may not currently be touring in the United States but that hasn’t stopped tickets for his Moonshine Jungle tour from selling out. The singer who just wrapped up his latest concert in Beijing is currently preparing for shows in his native Hawaii in two weeks but will first head to South Korea and Japan.


4/4/2014: Since performing in the Super Bowl Halftime show two months ago Bruno Mars tickets continue to be one of the most sought after tickets in the county. Of the 48 shows on his upcoming Moonshine Jungle Tour an astonishing 27 are sold out which has driven up Bruno Mars ticket prices in the past few weeks.


4/3/2014: On Twitter last night pop sensation Justin Bieber tweeted out something that got the entire online community buzzing, that being #JustinBieberFtBrunoMars which instantly began trending all over the globe. This tweet means that a collaboration between the two pop singers will more than likely come out in the coming months which surely be played all over the radios whenever it does drop.


4/2/2014: Bruno Mars Moonshine Jungle Tour is off and running on the other side of the globe in Asia. Bruno Mars played in front of a sell out crowd of 11,000 in Singapore last night his performance on stage brought back memories of the late Michael Jackson with his great dance moves and bright smile.

4/1/2014: While many of his music stars peers are off relaxing and preparing for their tours later on this year, superstar Bruno Mars is currently on the Asian leg of his Moonshine Jungle Tour. Tonight Mars will be performing in the Xinyi District in Taiwan and won't be stateside until later on this month when he will come to Hawaii.

3/28/2014: Yesterday the cast of the TV show “The Soul Man” did a karaoke version of the pop singer Bruno Mars massive hit “Nothin’ on You” in a live episode of the show. The hilarious version of the iconic song was so bad that not even Autotune or the special guests could save the song from being a flop.


3/26/14: Today marked the release of the lineup for Summerfest, the biggest festival in the world which is held in Milwaukee over the span of 11 days with countless artists on the bill to perform. Headlining this amazingly large festival will be none other than Bruno Mars who has taken his career to the next level after an awe inspiring Super Bowl Halftime performance earlier this year.


3/26/14: Bruno Mars recently played an ‘explosive’ show in the Philippines where he gets a part of his ancestry. The pop superstar took to a stage that was rigged with pyrotechnics and played in front of an electric crowd with fire shooting up from behind him. Mars even went on to thank the crowd supporting him being part Filipino himself.


3/25/14 - After the recent success of musical movies Fox has decided to release a follow up to their 2010 movie “Rio.” Bruno Mars will be featured on the album for the upcoming “Rio 2” along with others like Janelle Monae and B.o.B. which is projected to be one of the better selling soundtracks of the year.


3/24/14: Bruno Mars - Bruno Mars is currently out and about on tour in Asia to promote his latest album after one of the most memorable Super Bowl Halftime performances in recent memory. Mars was just in Bangkok when he stumbled upon a vendor selling a pirated version of his CD to which the he reacted jokingly with “WhatayaGonnaDo.”


3/21/14: A recent video has gone viral of a baby dancing himself awake to Bruno’s hit “Runaway Baby.” You can check out the video here… A pretty great way to start your morning. If you want to be dancing like baby Christian, grab your Bruno Mars tickets today!


3/20/14: Bruno announced he will be performing at Brad Pitt’s “Make It Right” Gala on May 17th in New Orleans. He will also be in New Orleans a few weeks later at the Smoothie King Center. You can find tickets here for that event all the way up to the date of the performance.


3/19/14: Bruno Mars is playing the role of Roberto, a Blue Macaw bird, in the upcoming 3D animated film Rio 2. The movie hits cinemas on April 9th and is expected to bring in a pretty significant haul due to the strong showing of the first Rio movie. For Bruno fans, make sure to check it out while it’s in theaters!


3/18/14: Bruno Mars wrapped up his Australian and New Zealand leg of his Moonshine Jungle Tour with another stellar performance to a sold out crowd at Auckland’s Vector Arena. He’ll have a few nights off before his Asian leg of the tour kicks in March 20th from Bangkok, Thailand, which is yet another sold out show.


3/17/24: Bruno Mars performed at Auckland’s Vector Arena in New Zealand Saturday night to rave reviews. This was his second visit to New Zealand and a packed and loud crowd were brought to their feet for the Super Bowl halftime-performer. He opened with Moonshine and played all of his hits during a phenomenal show.


3/14/14: Bruno gets to take a breather from his Moonshine Jungle Tour tonight, as he has a day off to travel from Brisbane, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand. He’ll have two shows in Auckland this Friday and Saturday before taking another brief respite before traveling to Thailand for a sold out Bangkok show March 20th.


Bruno Mars

3/13/14: Bruno is currently in Australia for a few more performances before he heads over to Thailand on March 20th for a show in Bangkok. He will be touring Asia through the middle of April and he will then start his North American leg of the tour April 18th in Honolulu.


2/3/2014 – Bruno Mars put on a clinic at halftime of the Super Bowl. The Bruno Mars halftime Super Bowl performance was easily one of the best halftime music performances in Super Bowl history. Beginning with his drum solo which was done to perfection, Bruno Mars absolutely owned the show. Add this to the list of accomplishments for the rising star and it's no wonder he's one of the biggest acts in the world today.


Bruno Mars - Peter Hernandez (born October 8, 1985 in Waikiki, Hawaii), better known by his stage name Bruno Mars, is a Filipino-Puerto Rican American singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist signed to Atlantic Records. He is most well known for his hit Just The Way You Are, which went #1 in 9 countries in 2010. He is also known for singing/co-writing the hooks for the #1 hit Nothin’ On You by B.o.B, and Billionaire by Travie McCoy; he also co-wrote the international hits Right Round by Flo Rida and Wavin’ Flag by K’naan.


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