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Fleetwood Mac

To call Fleetwood Mac anything less than a legacy act feels like a disservice. While they no doubt bring in the people who loved to listen to them in their youth, filling out stadiums around the world, the band will remain vital as long as there are kids picking up their first dusty copy of Rumours. The energy of songs like “The Chain” and “Rhiannon” resonates across generations and that goes double if you’re able to get in the same room as these living legends. Luckily, Front Row is the go-to source for Fleetwood Mac tickets.

Fleetwood Mac Concert Tickets 2018 2019

Scan through our listings to find Fleetwood Mac tour tickets near you and don’t miss the opportunity to take them in on their massive 2018 2019 stadium tour. The notoriously volatile band doesn’t come together often, so any chance to snag Fleetwood Mac concert tickets is one worth taking. Their 52-date tour across North America in 2018 and 2019 is not to be missed, and there are plenty of other people who feel the same way. Should you find yourself short several tickets and in need of some of Stevie Nicks’ particularly witchy brand of magic, Front Row Tickets has you covered.

The band’s acrimony toward each other is both an unfortunate side effect of their long career and a necessary evil that allowed their music to reach as many ears as it did. Their tumultuous love lives, highly publicized feuds, and all-around bad vibes translated to one of the greatest albums ever recorded in Rumours; it’s as full of bile as it is of beautiful harmonies and exquisite musicianship. Fleetwood Mac in the 1970s might have been a den of snakes, but the masses thought that their shed skins were absolutely lovely. And on the 50th anniversary of the band forming, they’ll no doubt blast those painful songs to the rafters for an eager and adoring audience. 

Even though Fleetwood Mac has an abundance of concert tickets available -- the outcome of performing exclusively in arenas -- their cross-generational appeal makes the rare tour sell out fast. Finding Fleetwood Mac tickets for the 2018-2019 Fleetwood Mac tour can be a lot harder than you might imagine for a band of their size. Or at least, it would be if we weren’t around.

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Our artist search and deep well of ticket sellers means that we can always find you a seat to see Stevie Nicks and Co. to sway and shred through their biggest hits.  Fleetwood Mac concert tickets are easy to come by, thanks to the easy-to-use ticket search. Fleetwood Mac tour tickets can quickly be in your hands, guaranteeing you a spot on the floor or in the seats for this once-in-a-lifetime chance to catch the full band (minus Lindsey Buckingham). The band has promised to run through material that they haven’t touched in years ahead of this 52-date tour. While Buckingham won’t be in attendance, you can be there to see the bands with new additions Mike Campbell (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers) and Neil Finn (Crowded House). Join the crowds in screaming as they tear through ripping rarities like “Oh Well” and “Rattlesnake Shake”. See the band as they run through North America on their massive 52-date tour by grabbing Fleetwood Mac tickets as soon as possible. 

Fleetwood Mac News:

4/8/2015: Think you know everything about Fleetwood Mac? These few facts just might prove you wrong! For starters, did you know that the classic lineup of the band-Fleetwood, Nicks, Buckingham, Christine and John McVie-was actually the tenth lineup of the band? Previous members just didn’t seem to work out. One of the founding members, Jeremy Spencer, actually left to join a cult. Peter Green filled in for him during his abrupt absence, but his long jams and open mocking of the audience didn’t fare well for the band. Another guitarist left after he had a strange episode where he banged his head against a wall and began smashing his guitar. Needless to say, Fleetwood Mac didn’t have the best luck with guitarists prior to finding Buckingham. Eventually, after a number of divine coincidences, the band we know and love came together, and made several astonishing stories of their own. Don’t miss Fleetwood Mac’s final tour, and buy your tickets here at!


3/11/2015: It is unclear when we will truly hear the last of Fleetwood Mac. While Lindsey Buckingham had told PBS that their band will be finished shortly after their tour ends, drummer Mick Fleetwood has other ideas. The band had agreed to make one more album together, but not all members seem to be completely on board. Lindsey Buckingham is said to have quite the arsenal of material for new songs, but Stevie Nicks has been reluctant to contribute to their final work together. Fleetwood is hopeful that the album will eventually come together with some work by Nicks, but it may take a few years. This band has never been devoid of drama, but at least now that drama is about the music rather than about messed up relationships and drug abuse.


2/04/2015: Fleetwood Mac is one of the longest running acts in rock n’ roll history. What keeps people coming back for more? The same element that drove millions of people all over the world to buy the album, “Rumours”. Their music is creative genius, but it’s more than that. Their iconic album is extremely emotionally charged. The crazy amount of anger, sadness, betrayal, and other mixed feelings sit right below the surface of the melody, demanding your attention and relating to you on a level you can’t explain. This same drama is what keeps people coming back. Don’t believe me? After the band recently got back together, there was a Rolling Stone interview with Stevie Nicks about her relationship with Buckingham, a full 40 years after the couple broke up. Celebrity gossip is certainly worth its weight in gold.


1/27/2015: Stevie Nicks has always been wild at heart. A throwback video recently popped up on the web of the young star getting her makeup done, but she simply couldn’t sit still and broke into song. Music has literally been pouring out of her for decades with a wild, enchanting force. Her amazing talent is unparalleled, and is a big part of what makes Fleetwood Mac so timeless and beloved. See the star live on Fleetwood Mac’s tour, and buy your tickets here at!


1/25/2015: What does the future look like for beloved band, Fleetwood Mac? No one really knows at this point. Fans hope that there will be more opportunities to see them on the road, but the probability of that seems to be pretty slim. Guitarist Lindsey Buckingham explained that the music icons are going to continue working on their new album, calling it “A beautiful way to wrap up this last act!” Hear that Fleetwood Mac fans? This trip is most likely their final outing! Don’t miss your last chance to hear the legends live, and buy your tickets here at!


1/20/2015: A crowd of about 14,000 people flocked to Lincoln’s Pinnacle Bank Arena to see Fleetwood Mac on their farewell tour. Unfortunately, the show was cut short due to illness. Drummer, Mick Fleetwood, fell ill and had to abandon his drum set about 90 minutes into the show. Stevie Nicks explained to the crowd that Fleetwood was literally throwing up backstage and could no longer perform. A drum technician stood in and played Go Your Own Way, which was then followed by Christine McVie on the piano and vocals with Lindsey Buckingham on guitar to perform Songbird. This incident was definitely an anomaly, and the fans understood that.


1/13/2015: How much would you pay to see your idols final show? Fleetwood Mac is hoping that the answer to that question is a pretty high number. The band posted the highest-priced music tour in 2014 and will do the same this year. They aren’t the only oldies who are using mortality as an angle. U2, the Who and Bob Seger will be going on world tours this year as well. Father time is upon us, so be sure to buy your tickets for all these great artists here at!


12/08/2014: Mick Fleetwood is a man of many talents, one of which that might surprise you is photography! Tuesday, December 9th, Fleetwood is hosting a private reception for the exhibition of his work at DeRubeis Fine Art of Metal in Scottsdale. The singer traveled a lot as a child, and explained that his photographic eye captures things as if they might disappear he next second. That's how life was for him. He might see something one day that he would never see again. Fleetwood started taking photographs when he was on the road with the band, and explained that the other band members would always complain about him constantly taking pictures. The singer also co-wrote an Autobiography of the band, proving further that he truly is a jack of all trades.


12/01/2014: Stevie Nicks is extremely grateful that Fleetwood Mac is no longer a "boy's club". The return of McVie has rebalanced the masculinity v. femininity within the group. Nicks commented that the two are back to being their very "force of nature selves". The band has always been notorious for its drama, but it seems that page has turned and from here on out their music alone will take the spotlight. They are finally reunited, and Nicks has commented that it truly does feel so good.


11/20/2014: Christine McVie’s prodigal return to Fleetwood Mac for their current tour has everyone talking. In a recent interview, she disclosed how she herself feels about the matter. Originally, she thought it would be a bit of a struggle to rejoin the band. She was anxious about getting up on stage again, but the wonderful musicians and friends surrounding her made that anxiety melt away. She explained that both the tour and the recording of their new album, which will most likely happen after the tour, are making this time magical for everyone in the band. All the members of the band were ecstatic with her return, as were the millions of Fleetwood Mac fans enjoying their tour today. Buy your tickets here at! P>


11/10/2014: Fans in Europe have been anticipating the release of Fleetwood Mac's European tour dates for quite some time, and the day has finally come! The European tour lineup was released this past Monday, which stretches from London to Dublin between May and June. Many were disappointed that Glastonbury was not on the itenerary, but there are plenty of shows for fans to attend within the decided lineup. Tickets for this legendary tour are going fast, so be sure to buy yours here at!


11/05/2014: Fleetwood Mac is a band that has encountered just about every kind of storm imaginable. Drugs and discord riddled the band for several years before they finally found the perfect lineup with Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks. The band's crazy partying and infamous love affairs, while legendary, proved to be too much and eventually tore the band apart (only after years of insane success). The band has finally found its happy ending in their current tour, playing all together once again. The storms seem to finally be over.


10/15/2014: When McVie left Fleetwood Mac, she left a void within the band. Now, after 16 years, she has finally returned to fill that void and recreate the original, unmistakeable sound that the band had back in the day. With the band's full sound on display, many likened the show to a high school reunion. The nostalgia was charming and the audience members took comfort in the sounds of their favorite band from their youth.


09/15/2014: 40 years ago, Fleetwood Mac released their album, "Heroes are Hard to Find". This album is said to be one of their most overlooked works, but many fans contend that it deserves a listen. It was the last album Bob Welch was ever on with the veteran rockers, so the album maintains value as it was his final work of art. Many contend that there are hidden hits riddled throughout the forgotten album, so fans should definitely take a peek!


08/30/2014: Nicks' new album is said to be the equivalent of finding buried treasure for all Fleetwood Mac fans. Some of her songs have been so well hidden over the years that even her bandmates have yet to hear the tunes. One example being the song "Lady", which is said to be a snapshot of Nicks' private life. Although the album was a bit crunched for time with her upcoming tour, she was able to record 17 tracks in just two short weeks in Nashville.


One of the most successful acts in the history of popular music, Fleetwood Mac has gone through a staggering number of lineup changes through the years, but the band has retained a distinctive pop-rock sound that continues to be admired around the world. Founded in 1967, the band started as a blues rock outfit under the leadership of founding member Peter Green, who derived the outfit’s appellation from the names of drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie. This incarnation of the band was fairly successful, but Green’s departure in 1970 would conclude the opening chapter of Fleetwood Mac. The arrival of Christine McVie (John’s then-spouse) in 1970 signaled the band’s shift to a pop-rock orientation. The next few years brought commercial success but internal turmoil; several members would quit during this period. In the aftermath of this, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined the band, and this lineup would prove massively popular. Rumours (1977) became a monster hit, and it remains one of the top ten best-selling albums in history. Its follow-ups, Tusk (1979) and Mirage (1982), also spawned hit songs, but these efforts were significantly less popular. More roster changes would come in future years. Today, the band’s touring lineup consists of Nicks, Buckingham, Fleetwood, and John McVie, and they remain compelling, skilled live performers. To get your Fleetwood Mac tickets, simply pick the appropriate concert date from the list we provide on this page. is your source for tickets to the best live shows happening today.

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