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01/30/2018: It’s the 11th hour for you if you haven’t taken in Lady Gaga’s “Joanne World Tour”. The iconic superstar had a rough time back in September when she was expected to perform at Brazil’s Rock in Rio music festival and was instead hospitalized for fibromyalgia. She has only recently revealed her condition to the world. Shortly after, she dropped an exceptional emotionally, honest and intimate documentary of her life in the run-up to “Joanne” (her 2016 album), a Netflix’s original, “Gaga: Five Foot Too”. In the documentary, Gaga shares more details about her recent health issues, how grateful she is to her fans, and so much more. It’s definitely worth taking in.

Many of her fans, nicknamed ‘little monsters’ were excited and thrilled to see Gaga’s big return to the spotlight and to her successful still on-going “Joanne World Tour”. This brilliant artist has been an advocate, to many charities and a champion to those she wholeheartedly believes in. She is no stranger with the spoken word as she has proven with her intense public speaking championing for the underdogs and winning over the hearts of those who may have been riding the fence. This not only proves that this power rocket legend is unstoppable and unbreakable but most important of all, that she is a wonderful human being. This is why fans all over the world see Gaga as a role model and inspiration.  

Adding to this she was in the limelight of the 2018 Grammy nominations. The 31 year old singer was nominated for 2 different categories, including: “Best Pop Vocalist Album”, for her hit album “Joanne”; and also “Best Pop Solo Performance” for her platinum single “Million Reasons”. In true form when these nominations were announced, Gaga showed her appreciation to the Grammy Academy late last year by posting a thank you message on her official Twitter account “I’m humbled & grateful that my album “Joanne” was nominated & also my song “Million Reasons.” Thank u so much Monsters & Grammy Voters for believing in this music and me. I love u so much. This is a day to truly celebrate lots of hard work, perseverance & gratitude through music.” Lady Gaga’s performance at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony was summed up in one word, unforgettable! And that, my friend, is exactly the word you’ll be saying after getting ahold of some of the best tickets remaining, for the final leg of her tour, right here at

09/06/2017: Lady GagA gives us a real bang for our buck! Her Joanne World Tour doles out a setlist that's sure to please every fan. With several small sets with brief video intermissions, Gaga reemerges with just about as many costume changes as an Elton John concert. Check out this generous set list, give or take a few, there's no disappointment in store for you! continues to have some of the best availability for Gaga seeking Ladies and Gents!

Typical Set-List, give or take a few:

Diamond Heart


Poker Face 

Perfect Illusion

John Wayne




Just Dance




Come to Mama

The Edge of Glory

Born This Way

Bloody Mary


Angel Down



Drippy Face Film

Bad Romance

The Cure

08/01/17: Five colors, that's how many Lady Gaga just put in her hair. This pop star is ready to kick off her Joanne Tour with new vibrant hair. She was going for a "rainbow look" singer states. This definitely came as a surprise to us at first but the new wild hair seems to fit this very unique singer. Excited as we are to see it in person? Don't wait then! Go to now and find the best tickets for te best prices to see this superstar in action. 

06/23/17: There's a new guy in town, or at least in Lady Gaga's life. His name is Christian Carino and he actually works for her as her CAA agent. The couple was seen having a relaxing weekend in the Hamptom together taking walks, using the spa, and enjoying some alone time together. This romance was first spotted after the Superbowl half time show, when Carino and her shared an intimate moment after the performance. This came as a shock no doubt to the rest of us, still holding onto the thought of her and Taylor Kinney. Kinney was her fíance whom the engagement was broken off with last year. However, Gaga had posted a picture of the two after they broke up, telling the fans to keep on "rooting for them". She also opened up to the fact that she felt that her and Taylor "are soulmates and best friends". So i think we all were a bit confused when the story and pictures came out of her and her new boyfriend. Nonetheless, we are all happy to see Lady Gaga happy! She's still performing all over the world too folks, so don't wait around to see her perform! Go to now and get the best tickets at the best prices to see her. 

5/24/17: Attention all pop fans. Lady Gaga has just recently suffered a great loss. Her best friend, Durham, passed away after battling stage four breast and brain cancer. This friend shared many of Lady Gaga's successes and joys with her. She was seen back stage at most of her shows, cheering her friend on. Gaga seems to be handling the death immensely well. She has made many remarks about how much she has learned about love and sacrifice watching her friend go through her treatment and final days. She has dedicated many of her songs afterwards to her beloved friend,for example her song "Edge of Glory". Although some people would think the death of a friend would effect her performances and music in a negative way, she has actually used all these lessons to her advantage. She has taken this as an inspiration and motivation to perform every show better. Don't just take my word for it though. Go to now and get tickets at the best prices now! 

4/20/17: Lady Gaga is on tour and loving it! This tour is called the "Joanne World Tour".  She has sold out almost all of her shows. Specifically her concert at Little Caesars Arena, which was sold out previously. However, she just announed that she will be selling more seats. This concert will take place on Tuesday, November 7th, at 7:30pm. Do you know what that means pop fans? There is still a ton of time to buy tickets! Dont wait till the fall though to get in on this great show. Go to now and get tickets at the best prices! 

4/7/17: Have you heard pop music fans about one of our favorites Lady Gaga? Her and the legendary band, Metallica, have really hit it off! After working together for the Grammys, it is said that Metallica loved performing with her and that she had "very very good energy". They also made mention that they are excited and looking forward to working together again in the near future. It seems these two big music stars really hit it off! Metellica states how Lady Gaga has a "naturally powerful voice" and fits right in with the rock genre. There is even mention of a new joint album upcoming to be released in 2019 by the two, wow! A lot to look forward to! In the mean time, don't wait around to see this amazing star in action. Go to now to find a show near you and experience the performance of a lifetime! 

2/23/2017: Big news people! As excited as we all are for Beyonce's baby on the way, this forced her by doctors orders to step down as a headliner for the Coachella Festival in California. Can you guess who's been voted to replace her? That's right, Lady Gaga! She will singing at the back to back weekend in 2018. This was not a spot just given to anyone. She led in the votes by 30%. Go to now and buy tickets ahead of time for this great show!

2/9/2017: So Lady Gaga absolutely killed it at the Super Bowl. It was a performance for the ages, cementing her as a true American Icon. The epic entry from the roof, the mic drop, the flawless dancing, and the perfect vocals made this one of the best Super Bowl halftime performances in history. Her tour ticket sales have cranked up after that performance. As always, you can get Lady Gaga tickets right here, for all scheduled tour events at Don't miss this concert.

02/08/2015: Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga (Grammy) Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album: “Cheek to Cheek"

4/17/2014: Pop sensation Lady Gaga is always thinking outside the box when it comes to her art, that is why the singer has gone the unconventional route for picking her opening act for her ARTPOP Ball Tour. Lady Gaga has chosen the Japanese digital pop star Hatsune Miku, a computer generated vocaloid who is expected to come to life through 3D holograms on stage.


4/16/2014: Last year Lady Gaga was the face of a campaign that came out for Versace, but it wasn’t until recently that the untouched pictures of her photoshoot were leaked to fan sites. The pictures have been heavily photoshopped and which once again brings up the controversy for Gaga who had the same thing happen surrounding her 2012 Vogue cover shoot.


4/15/2014: Lady Gaga is one of the most popular artists in the entire United States, but her shadow extends much farther than just America. Lady Gaga has just been announced that she will be one of the few chosen to perform at the Summer Music Festival in Seoul, Korea this summer to headline the second day of the concert.


4/14/2014: One of the most outspoken singers has come to the defense of one of the most controversial artists. British singer Lily Allen has spoke out about the criticism that Lady Gaga has gotten for her ARTPOP album and its less than stellar sales, stating that anytime you stay true to yourself that should be celebrated rather than looked down upon.


4/11/2014: Not one to miss out on the latest trend superstar Lady Gaga took to social media to join in on the newest fad of taking a selfie without makeup on. The pop diva posted the picture to Twitter the day of her final show at Roseland Ballroom as the venue closed its doors for good after the concert.

4/10/2014: If you don’t already have Lady Gaga tickets for upcoming shows on her ARTPOP Ball tour you might want to consider getting them now. According to Forbes tickets to the Queen of Pops tour are increasing in price and her next show at the BB&T Center has already moved to an average price of $281.

4/9/2014: Lady Gaga can’t find a way to stay out of the headlines, which her most recent announcement will definitely put her back in the news. Gaga announced that she plans to release the sequel to her successful ARTPOP album very soon adding that she already has a lot of songs written from when she worked on her last album.


4/8/2014: Lady Gaga shut the house down last night at the Roseland Ballroom. The singer made the final performance at the venue in front of a sold out crowd and Roseland will now shut its doors for good. Gaga will now take a break from touring and won’t resume it until next month when she plays the BB&T Center in Florida with Lady Gaga tickets averaging $290 for that show.


4/7/2014: Tonight Lady Gaga is all set to take the stage at the historic Roseland Ballroom to legitimately shut the house down. When Gaga performs there tonight as part of her run of seven shows at the venue it will be the last time someone takes the stage there but you can still see her perform either by getting Lady Gaga tickets to tonights show which are averaging $239 or by watching it online as the diva will be streaming the concert through her website.


4/4/2014: After hijacking the Late Show with David Letterman the other day Lady Gaga is going to outdo herself once again by taking over MTV. The diva will break into programing to give fans a behind the scenes look at her artRave: The ARTPOP Ball World Tour on MTV, MTV Hits and LOGO TV. This tour is shaping up to be one of the biggest of the year and the singer is currently playing at the famed Roseland Ballroom and will be the last person to take the stage for which closes its doors for good on Monday so be sure to get Lady Gaga tickets before its too late.


4/3/2014: Last night Lady Gaga did something that was out of the ordinary even for her, which is really saying something. The singer who is performing a series of seven shows at the famed Roseland Ballroom walked across the street to the Late Show with David Letterman to make him an offer he couldn’t refuse, to bring his audience to Roseland to watch her sing a few songs which fans were overjoyed to do.

4/2/2014: For her ongoing artRave Tour Lady Gaga decided that she didn’t want just any old opening act to come along with her, instead she wanted to have a unique act. She got just that with the Korean pop group Crayon Pop who have a style very similar to that of Lady Gaga herself which fans will surely love.

4/1/2014: On Friday night pop sensation Lady Gaga began the first show of her seven concerts to close out the historic Roseland Ballroom in New York City. Lady Gaga will be performing shows at Roseland as part of her run there from now through April 7 when the ballroom will close it's doors for good.

3/28/2014: Today marks the 28th birthday of the Queen of Pop music and entertainer extraordinaire Lady Gaga. The singer kicked off her birthday festivities last night in New York City where she made the joke that she made it past the age of 27, the age when many of music’s most talented and memorable artist tragically passed away all too early.


3/26/14: In a stunning revelation Akon spoke about the reason why he no longer works with Lady Gaga who was originally signed to his label Kon Live. Akon stated that he ended the deal with Lady Gaga “before it was too late” after believing the singer had peaked already and had no room to go up, selling his shares for a nice profit. He might have a point as Lady Gaga’s sales for her latest album ARTPOP are lower than her previous ones.


3/26/14: On Friday Lady Gaga will begin her series of shows at the historic Roseland Ballroom in New York City. Lady Gaga will be playing seven straight shows at the Roseland Ballroom from March 29th through April 7th and will be the last artist to ever perform there as it will be closing its doors after the singer leaves.


3/25/14 - While Lady Gaga may be one of the most experimental music artists of this generation, when she returns home she still likes to keep it normal and let her boyfriend make the decisions. Lady Gaga went on to say that after a long day of making decisions the last thing she wants to do is come home to make even more.


3/24/14: Lady Gaga - Over the weekend Lady Gaga dropped the video to her latest single “G.U.Y.” on NBC’s Dateline to rave reviews. The video which can be found on the star’s VEVO here: clocks in at a whopping 11 minutes and also features a resurrected Michael Jackson in the video.


3/21/14: Lady Gaga appeared on the “Today” Show and teased a new video for her song “G.U.Y.” The full video will premiere ahead of NBC’s Dateline this Saturday so Gag fans make sure to tune in to catch her world premiere of her next music video.


3/20/14: Lady Gaga’s SXSW vomit performance just won’t leave the headlines, as petitions are being formulated to making the singer stop “glamourizing” bulimia and eating disorders. Though she vehemently denies any and all glamorization, it appears this story will be in the headlines for quite some time.


3/19/14: A previously unheard record titled Brooklyn Nights was recently leaked online. Apparently, the song was meant for inclusion on her Artpop album but never made it. The lyrics sounds as if it is a story of a doomed and failed relationship. "I always thought it was you / You always thought it was me / We always thought we were it / Seemed like a real perfect fit / Those Brooklyn Nights set us free!"


3/18/14: Lady Gaga may be in a bit of a tiff with Demi Lovato, after Lovato accused her of glamorizing eating disorders with her SXSW performance this past week. Lovato and fans felt Gaga’s performance crossed the line, though vomit artist Millie Brown defended the actions of the controversial act. Stay tuned as this seems to only be growing.


3/17/14: Lady Gaga gave a keynote speech at SXSW music festival Friday evening and disputed comparisons that individuals made to her and Katy Perry. Gaga slammed to assertion that the two heavyweight pop stars have similar music, saying that she made her way into music via pop, but doesn’t fit that mold entirely. People are still talking about her controversial performance a few nights earlier when she allowed vomit painted Millie Brown to vomit on her while on-stage.


3/14/14: Lady Gaga Is up to her usual tricks at SXSW with an extremely bizarre performance, even for her standards, last night. Gaga began the performance by getting roasted on a spit, and then had friend Millie Brown drink a bottle of neon green liquid and proceed to vomit all over Gaga. Quite the performance indeed.


Lady Gaga

3/13/14: Lady Gage has come under fire a bit after it was revealed her Born This Way Charitable Foundation had the majority of its funding go towards legal fees, strategic development, and philanthropic consulting. The reports may be inaccurate or wildly misleading, but it certainly has created a headache for Lady Gaga.


Lady Gaga is likely going to announce her 2014 tour dates soon! Here is a tweet she recently sent getting fans excited with anticipation!

In the coming days there will be some exciting news and announcements related to ARTPOP stay tuned for IMPORTANT DATES!

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Lady Gaga, born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (born March 28, 1986), who performs under the stage name Lady Gaga, is a singer, songwriter and musician from New York City, New York, United States. She has become one of the most well known and successful pop starts in the United States as well as Worldwide. Fashioning her style very closely resembling Madonna in many ways she shocks and delights her fans with outrageous stage costumes, dancing and theatrics. But Lady Gaga brings a dimension to her performances that is rivaled by very few pop stars. Lady Gaga is an accomplished classically trained pianist. While her skill at being pop star is unrivaled, she has true musical talent as the foundation for her success. Lady Gaga will be a huge international star as long as she has the desire to be.

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