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08/02/2017: Here's a set list you don't want to miss! To date this is what audiences can expect, give or take, its an amaing set list crafted by the incomparable living legend himself,Paul McCartney.

The One on One Concert Tour:

A Hard Day's Night
Save Us
Can't Buy Me Love
Letting Go
Temporary Secretary
Let Me Roll It
I've Got a Feeling / Hendrix Jam
My Valentine
Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five
Maybe I'm Amazed
We Can Work It Out
In Spite of All the Danger
You Won't See Me
Love Me Do
And I Love Her
Here Today
Queenie Eye
The Fool on the Hill
Lady Madonna
Eleanor Rigby
I Wanna Be Your Man
Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
Band on the Run
Back in the U.S.S.R.
Let It Be
Live and Let Die
Hey Jude

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 
Hi, Hi, Hi
Golden Slumbers
Carry That Weight
The End

05/12/17: He is on tour again fans! That's right, Paul McCartney, is currently on his One on One Tour. This clearly is one of the hottest concerts to be at this spring and summer, the tickets sold out within minutes after being released! Not to worry though, Paul just recently came out with saying that he will be adding more shows to his tour to compensate for his fans. The locations that are for sure confirmed are Chicago, Newark, New York City, Brooklyn, Uniondale, and finally Detroit. This is a huge deal for McCartney, he has been on tour since last year and has been traveling all over the world. He even has played some free shows such as in Mexico. This well seasoned artist and performer clearly knows how to engage his fans and is a "must see" in person. So don't hesitate to share in the celebration and enjoyment of this 50-year career artist! Go to now and find great tickets for a show near you! 

04/25/16: Sir Paul McCartney Rocks! - Don't miss this rare opportunity for the performance of a lifetime, both for spectator and performer. There's a connection between the stage and audience that only this former Beatles member can invoke as if he is alive in the spirit of John Lenon at the best of times. has what no other ticket vendor can offer, some of the best seats, reserved for most shows for the duration of this historic tour through April 30th. Don't miss out! - Check out the reviews on FaceBook and Twitter. There aren't enough adjective available in the King's or rather the Queens English, since it was her Happy 90th on April 21st, Queen, to describe this astonishing experience. She did Knight him afterall!

04/12/16: Did you know Sir Paul McCartney wrote a Symphony? Check it out, the London Symphony premiered and recorded this 4 movement symphony with 19 themes and released it in 1997. He's not touring his symphony, however this accomplishment redefined him and gained him the respect of a true composer. In 1997 McCartney was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II “for services to music.” His current concert program is nothing short of a trip in a time machine from music references from th inception of the Beatles, incidentally, premiering not just in the 60's but in the year 1960, with being a co-lead singer with John Lennon in the Beatles as they ripped down the walls of quaint 50's style music and redefining popular music as we know it today with a fresh sound that allowed popular music beforehand to maintain its style while raising the bar at the beginning of a new decade. Born in 1942, now 73 years old, he is truly a Tour de Force... Touring! Don't miss out on what is already being referred to as an historic event, however that is possible. Hey, he's been knighted. - Not to be missed! -

10/29/2014: One might think that a legend like Paul McCartney holds all the greatest secrets for songwriting, but the star claims that he has no set process. When interviewed at Florida Rollins College, he explained that there are "no rules" when it comes to songwriting. Sometimes the lyrics come to him first, other times the catchy, classic melodies are the first component of the song. The legend stated, "If you're lucky, it all comes together". Paul McCartney must be one of the humblest, and apparently, luckiest men in the world then with his incomparable resume of songs.

09/24/2014: Paul McCartney is an absolutely legendary musician. So legendary, in fact, that he has even added a rap song to his resume. The debut of his rap career features a video that urges people to stop eating meat for one day each week in order to join the effort to fight climate change. His campaign is appropriately entitled, "Meat-Free Mondays", and his strategy to spread the word is spot on. Who doesn't want to watch Paul McCartney throw down some sick beats?

09/01/2014: Next month, Scotland will vote on whether or not to gain independence from the UK. McCartney has joined the voice of those rallying for Scotland not to go its separate way. In the Let's Stay Together campaign, the former Beatle added his name to an open letter to voters that explains how much the UK values Scottish citizenship and how their decision will be affecting everyone in the United Kingdom. Many other celebrities such as Dame Judi Dench and Sir Mick Jagger have also signed their names in support of the campaign.

8/18/2014: Kanye West and Sir Paul McCartney have been working on new music in the studio according to sources close to Paul McCartney and Front Row Tickets. Kanye was in attendance at a recent McCartney concert at Dodgers Stadium.

The Beatles legend and rap artist have been laying down tracks and experimenting on music that could evolve into a full album release.

“Piss on My Grave,” is one track that is the talk on twitter and other social media. Kim Kardashian who is married to Kanye West was shocked the two went with such a controversial song title.

What is there to say about Paul McCartney? As one-fourth of the legendary Beatles, Paul was an indispensable part of the preeminent musical force of the ‘60s. His achievements include a record 32 U.S. Number One hits (as writer or co-writer), over 100 million albums sold, and official recognition from the Guinness World Records as the most successful recording artist in pop music history. Now in his seventies, he’s still active as a musician, to the delight of millions across the globe. Paul’s songwriting partnership with fellow Beatle John Lennon is the most famous in rock history, having made the famous “Lennon-McCartney” credit a widely recognized stamp of excellence in the span of under a decade. In the time between Beatles’ first single (“Love Me Do,” released in October 1962) to the last issued during the band’s lifespan (“The Long and Winding Road,” released in June 1970), Paul McCartney became a musical legend, and he would be regarded as much even if he had never recorded another note after that band’s breakup. Paul had other plans, however. His post-Beatles career began as a solo act with the album McCartney (1970) and then with a follow-up effort recorded in collaboration with wife Linda McCartney, Ram (1971). Paul spent the remainder of the 1970s as leader of the rock group Wings, which inevitably found itself compared unfavorably to Paul’s previous band. But though Wings never reached the heights of the Beatles, the group scored its fair share of hits. Wings’ 1973 album Band on the Run, with its famed caught-in-the-spotlight cover photo, has become a classic in its own right, widely considered a high-water mark of ‘70s pop music. The dissolution of Wings at the end of the ‘70s led to Paul’s resumption his long-abandoned solo career, as well as a few notable hits with Stevie Wonder (“Ebony and Ivory”) and Michael Jackson (“Say Say Say”). Continuing to record and perform to this day, Paul has settled into a role as a respected elder statesman of sorts, and Paul McCartney tickets are still in demand. To get yours, simply pick the appropriate concert from the list provided here.

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