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11/29/2017- Controversy has emerged around megastar Katy Perry. She was reportedly 'banned indefinitely' from China ahead of her rumored performance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show taking place on November 28th in Shanghai.

There were rumors that she recently dined with singer; The Weeknd to get revenge on his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. The two pop artists, Weeknd and Gomez, began having some sort of drawback since May 2016, when Selena was spotted hanging out with Orlando Bloom. The media made it look like they were more than friends. At the time, Orlando was still in a relationship with Perry. But then those rumors turned out to be false once Selena and Orlando claimed to be “just friends”. Of course, that was a year ago and now fans are weighing in on what to believe. The only reason Katy had dinner with The Weeknd (Selena’s ex) was most likely for pure revenge but a source close to the celebrity has claimed that they had a dinner together to talk about a collaboration between the two.

These last events may have hit her reputation but Katy doesn’t have any problem putting all this behind her, just like the daughter of a preacher man would do. She’s currently going from arena to arena, country to country on her “Witness The Tour”. We’re talking about one of the busiest superstars on the planet. There’s no doubt that she is a total professional and simply wants to move forward with her career regardless of tabloid and media reports of ridiculous feuds and fantasies.

In other news, the “Roar” hitmaker has recently opened up about her approach when judging the contestants on American Idol. In an new interview with People magazine, Perry said she is a ‘straight shooter’ who values authenticity. “I just value authenticity so much that it can sometimes get me into trouble, because I take this job really seriously. I don’t want to walk away from ‘American Idol’ and just have a season go by and we don’t have any Kelly Clarkson because that means we’re just filling space on television and I really truly want to be able to do this exercise and make someone’s dream come true,” she said. Then, she continued; “It’s kind of like that good old fashion American dream: we find you, you work hard, you compete, you get tested in every way and you rise to the top if it’s meant to be for you. So I believe in that great American dream”. This proves the star is remaining true to her roots since the very start.

Katy is no stranger to the American Idol judge panel, she was a guest-judge there on its 9th Season (back in 2010) and she was also paid more for it than any guest judge in American Idol history.

Don’t forget to watch American Idol and catch Katy as she searches for America’s next big superstar. The ABC vocal competition series is set to premiere on Sunday, March 11th, hosted by Ryan Seacrest with Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie on the judging panel. Are you ready? I know we are!

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08/15/17: Along with great music this artist is also booming in her love life. This just in that Katy Perry and her old flame, Orlando Bloom, are back together. They were seen together at the Ed Sheeran concert this past week sitting together and sharing a few intimate moments. The couple was together for ten months before their first split. The couple only took a "break" and not an actual "break-up", just to take some personal time for eachother. Now they are back together, and ready to try harder this time to make it work. Katie herself states that they never stopped loving eachother and never stopped keeping in touch even during the break. This artist is clearly newly inspired, and you will want to see it in person. Go to now and get the best tickets at the best prices! 

07/31/17: She's giving back. That's right fans, Katy Perry has just released that she is partnering up with the Boys and Girls Club. She has a burning desire to give back to the future generations of America. She discuses this desire in an interview stating, "I think we all are looking for a way to make a real change, beyond just donating our loose change". Wow! Perry means business, and is putting her money where her mouth is. For her upcoming Witness Tour, kicking off September 7th in Columbus Ohio, for each ticket sold a dollar will go to the Boys and Girls Clubs. She is also offering a contest for fans to have a chance to win VIP tickets and attend a special meet and greet with her, if they sign up with Global Citizen and donate either by sending supplies or volunteering at a local chapter. Finally, they must follow up by tweeting about it and add Katy in the post. Don't wait until September rolls around though to get tickets for her tour. Sign up to volunteer and donate for a chance to win and give back to futue generations! You don't need to win anything though to get the best prices around, go to now and get the best prices for the best tickets!

06/20/17: This just in pop music fans, that Katy Perry's version of the song "Passenger" was just leaked! The song was originally co-written by Perry and Sia but the producers thought Brittany Spears' voice was better suited for the song, so it went to her for recording. This happens quite often actually between artists. It is speculated that Perry possibly couldve really used this single hit, especially considering the reactions to her most recently album, Witness. Critics have put it short and simple that the album "falls short". It lacks the passion and direction that the artist's previous albums held. The songs don't feel connected or inspired and are "easily forgetable" although some are cute and catchy critics say. This is also her first time releasing an album without a smash hit single being released from the album before the rest came out. Although this is a bit of a rocky patch for one of our favorite pop artists, she still shows massive potential and has plenty of previous work to build off of. Go to now to get tickets to see her bask in the glory of the original work and the progress towards her new. 

05/30/17: If you haven't heard yet, you'll hear now. There was a terrible terrorist attack this past week at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. The bombing left 22 dead and over 100 wounded. In response to these awful events Grande has rounded up some fellow music stars to put on a concert for the We Love Manchester emergency funds. Katy Perry will be one of the many performing artists showing their love and support for the victims effected by this act of terror and violence. The concert will take place Sunday, June 4th, in Manchester. Tickets will be on sale until Thursday June 2nd. So don't wait around! Go to now and join Perry on supporting these people and families effected. 

05/22/2017: This California girl, a preacher's daughter, hit the scene with “I Kissed a Girl,” as it hit the charts and launched her soaring career in 2008. From that time forward, its been hit after hit maintaining a huge gap between her and any competition. Katy Perry is now the most sought after pop entertainer and the highest paid female entertainer in the biz. Not only does she write her own material, but she also writes hits for many other artists propelling their careers as she rakes in the royalties.

Katy Perry's "Witness Tour" launches in the heart of the Midwest in September 2017 and continues into 2018. Tickets are expected to sell out wherever she "Roars", so addle up on your inner "Dark Horse" and "By the Grace of God", you'll be "Walking on Air" when you land some tickets right here on

Katy will kick of her tour in Columbus, OH at Value City Arena in September and she'll be wintering her way well into 2018 with stops in Denver, Dallas, Houston, Cleveland, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City; concluding in the chill of February in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Fans are on pins and needles waiting to hear about staging, her surprising tricks that she keeps well up her sleeves. Stay tuned to find out who Katy will be picking to warm up the stage before she blasts on to it. We are all anxious to know the setlist. So far this is the rumored that the setlist which looks like a great overview of Perry's 10 year young career with these hits:

Roar, Part of Me, Wide Awake, Dark Horse, E.T., Legendary Lovers, I Kissed a Girl, Hot N Cold, International Smile, By the Grace of God, The One That Got Away/Thinking of You, Unconditionally, Walking on Air, This Is How We Do/Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.), Teenage Dream

10/29/2014: If you were Katy Perry, how would you celebrate your birthday? She decided to take a plane of 70 of her closest friends to Europe, Paris specifically, for 24 hours of nonstop partying. She also met her current beau, Diplo, there for her special night. The two were seen cuddling and laughing on the tarmac right after the plane landed. Later, her and her crew went out for a night on the town, celebrity style. Happy Birthday Katy!

10/09/14: Katy Perry confirmed to perform at Super Bowl XLIX (49) halftime show on 02/01/15. The rumors and speculations of "who?" came to a crashing halt with the announcement that the sought after Super Bowl slot has been filled. If you’ve been to one of Perry’s concerts, you know what we’re in for. Dark Horse at the 2014 BRIT Awards... need I say more? Find last minute tickets at and bring a few friends for what promises to be her unforgettable final North America appearance of her PRISMATIC WORLD TOUR with a newly added date of 10/11/14 in Houston, Texas. From Houston, hit the road and be a groupie as Katy continues her world tour throughout Australia ending in Europe (Stockholm) on March 22, 2015. Katy Perry, you, and who wants to experience Katy Perry's PRISMATIC WORLD TOUR? With you can do it Dark Horse style!


09/25/2014: Creative people find inspiration everwhere they turn and Katy Perry is no exception! The pop superstar is currently sporting a brand new do which she has proudly labeled, "hot wheels hurr/play doe pink". Where did Katy get the inspiration for her new look? From none other than Animal, the deranged drummer from "The Muppet Show". i guess the two have a few things in common: they're both crazy and famous!


08/30/2014: All pop stars come in and out of the music scene for different reasons, and some have far more longevity in their prime than others. Many assumed Katy Perry had hit her peak during her 2011 California Girls tour, but 3 years later she is proving that those speculations could not possibly have been more wrong. Her larger than life Prismatic tour is charming 14 years olds and 40 year olds alike. The costumes, the production, and the alluring Perry herself put on a fantastic show. Fans of all ages just can't seem to get enough; they love to hear her roar.


08/23/2014: Katy Perry's trademark seems to be glow sticks, aliens, and just being flat-out bizarre. Over the weekend, the pop star posted a video on instagram in which she roller skates around to Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You". The camera later pans to an alien figure, making it appear as though she was serendading the extraterrestrial. It's safe to say she had a fun weekend!


8/11/14: Recently, Katy Perry has lamented that she wishes she had gotten a better eduation when she was young. When she was a child, her family was constantly moving in order to start new churches, so she bounced from school to school and was even homeschooled for a little while. The singer later dropped out of high school at age 15, earning her GED instead, in order to pursue her career. She now has a campaign, “Make Roar Happen”, that raises money for teachers, which is what brought about her reflection on education in the first place. The pop icon has said that she is still thirsting for knowledge, and takes advantage of as many learning opportunities as possible while she's on tour.


07/21/2104: Katy Perry has the most followers out of any user on Twitter, so it is essential that her tweets are accurate, especially when they concern current events and tragedies like the recent crashing of the Malaysian Airlines MH17 flight in the Middle East. Perry, who is very involved with UNICEF, a charity that promotes child welfare, tweeted her condolences to the UNICEF volunteers aboard the flight. The problem? There were no UNICEF volunteers on board. After it was verified that Perry's information was invalid, the mis-tweet was deleted. It is still uncertain where Perry received the false information.


07/08/2104: Katy might be in a bit of a bind. It has been reported that she is currently dealing with copyright lawsuits concerning certain samples in her recent song, “Dark Horse”. Flame, a gospel singer, is suing Katy Perry. He claims that the pop star illegally sampled his tune, “Joyful Noise” in the making of her hit single, “Dark Horse”. The case has not been settled yet, but fans are hoping they'll still be able to jam to “Dark Horse” on the radio after this is all said and done.


07/01/2014: Katy Perry, who's trademark was once shooting whipped cream into the audience from her bra, has seriously toned down the raciness of her performances. Rather than strutting around in sexy little outfits, her costumes were endearing and chic. Every seat in the house was sold out, and the audience was entertained by light shows, dazzling special effects, and fantastic music. Some even thought the show was a bit too censored. At one point, Perry commented that she has slowly decided to become an adult. Perhaps this maturity will bleed into her music as well.


06/24/2014: Although there is a significant amount of time until the next presidential race begins, it seems Katy Perry has already agreed to support Hilary Clinton, assuming she runs. During the past weekend, Katy posted a picture of the two posing with Clinton's new book, Hard Choices. She also tweeted that she would be willing to compose a “theme” song for Clinton if she needs it. Clinton responded by pointing out that Katy had already done so with her song, “Roar”. Clinton's bus played “Roar” at her next book signing.


06/15/2014: Are Rob Pattinson and Katy Perry just friends, or is there more to the story? It was said that the two were extremely flirty with one another at the after-party for Rob's new movie, “The Rover”. A few sources have also reported overhearing Rob tell his buddies that Katy looked “so hot” that night. However, Katy has referred to Rob as her little brother in the past, and has commented that she is proud of the abstinence between them. Perhaps those sentiments have changed considering the flirty after-party encounter.


4/17/2014: Katy Perry has long considered herself a cat lady even dubbing her fans “Katy Kats” but that all changed yesterday. Perry has just adopted a very young and adorable puppy she calls Butters to be the mascot for her upcoming Prismatic World Tour which begins on May 8th.


4/16/2014: Who singer Katy Perry has been romantically linked to has been in the news almost as much as the pop princess herself. The latest in a string of presumed paramores that includes Twilight star Robert Pattinson and rapper RiFF RaFF is none other DJ/producer Diplo whom Perry was spotted with at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival this past weekend.


4/15/2014: This week pop princess Katy Perry released the lyric video for her latest single “Birthday” off her Prism album. The video was full of cookies, cakes and other desserts which all looked delicious, partly because they were created by Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman and look both colorful and tasty.


4/14/2014: The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is one of the biggest gatherings of music fans in the entire United States, and among many other celebrities, pop singer Katy Perry was not one to miss a chance to attend. Perry was also seen with close friend Robert Pattinson at a Coachella after party, whom she had been romantically linked to over the past few weeks since her breakup with John Mayer.


4/11/2014: Thursday the lyric video for Katy Perry’s latest single “Birthday” was uploaded to VEVO for her fans. In one of the most colorful videos you will find the latest release is filled with cakes and cookies with the lyrics to the song written all over them panning from one delicious dessert to the next.

4/10/2014: The always stunning Katy Perry took to Instagram yesterday to post a sultry picture of herself making people not even notice her slime green hair. Also taking place yesterday was the announcement that Perry has been nominated for six Billboard Music Awards including Top Artist.

4/9/2014: Last night pop diva Katy Perry made her first public appearance since dying her hair “slime green for spring’ when she showed up to a press event for political candidate marianne Williamson in Los Angeles. Perry will not be in the states long as she has a concert scheduled in Australia for this Saturday in Melbourne.


4/8/2014: Katy Perry is currently down under in Australia and will be performing at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne this Saturday as part of her Prismatic World Tour. When Perry takes the stage she will look just a little bit different which would be due to the fact that she has just decided to dye her hair what she call “slime green” to celebrate the coming of Spring.


4/7/2014: This month pop superstar Katy Perry will do something she’s never done before, partake in a CMT Crossroads Concert. CMT Crossroads is designed to bring together a country artist and one from another genre and put them on stage together to make for a unique viewing experience. The artist Perry will be teaming up with is yesterdays ACM Award winner for Album of the Year Kacey Musgraves who admits to being a “huge” fan of Ms. Perry.


4/4/2014: On Thursday Katy Perry released the fourth single off her album Prism entitled “Birthday.” Perry will now be heading on tour soon to which is being called one of the must see shows of the summer so make sure to check out Front Row Tickets for all your Katy Perry tickets when she comes to a town near you.


4/3/2014: Katy Perry is one of the biggest stars on the planet with legions of fans all over the globe. Knowing this the people over at Claire’s Stores Inc have decided to hitch their waggon to the singer in the hopes of her new jewelry line exclusive to them will help increase profits after a very poor fourth quarter.


4/2/2014: Those familiar with CMT Crossroads know that it is one of the best concert series out there, for those unfamiliar with it the concert series combines a prominent country artist with someone from a different genre. This year it has been announced that Kacey Musgraves will be teaming up with pop star Katy Perry to play a concert in Los Angeles which will be aired later on this summer.

4/1/2014: Since breaking up with singer John Mayer pop star Katy Perry's life has been under constant media scrutiny. She has most recently been linked to rapper RiFF RAFF who while performing at which Ultra Music Festival in Miami this weekend brought a giant fat head of the singers face onstage with him.

3/28/2014: The hit game Just Dance 2014 has just added some downloadable content to the game. Just Dance is an interactive next generation game that forces its players to actually move and dance in real life with what the characters are doing on screen rewarding points for correct moves. One of the songs added has been pop singer Katy Perry’s smash hit “Roar” which has been a huge hit since being released to the public.


3/26/14: As unlikely as it may sound, and look, pop singer Katy Perry has been linked to the rapper Riff Raff after the two were seen out on a date the other day in Hollywood. Perry has been going through a highly publicized break up and this is just yet another example of her being seen out on the town, her other include R&B singer Frank Ocean and Twilight star Robert Pattinson.


3/25/14 - Katy Perry’s upcoming Prismatic World Tour promises to be one of the best of the year with a bunch of great supporting acts to open for her. These acts which already included Kacey Musgraves, Capital Cities and Tegan and Sara just got even better with the Pop Princess announcing that Becky G will be joining them on tour as well at four shows in both Houston and Mexico.


3/24/14: Katy Perry - It has been no secret that Katy Perry had been trying to keep a low profile since her widely publicized break with John Mayer, but last night the new Queen of Pop was spotted going to Chateau Marmont with rapper/singer Frank Ocean in Hollywood. Perry is in the final stages of preparation for her Prismatic World Tour beginning later on this year.


3/21/14: A musician performed Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” in twenty different musical styles. He split the song into ten second rifts and sang in the styles of Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, The Doors, N’Sync, Run D.M.C. and many, many more. It’s quite a cool video and one wonders if Katy will comment on it in the future.


3/20/14: Rumors are now circulating that Katy Perry, on the outs with boyfriend John Mayer according to several Hollywood insiders, has been seen cozying up to Robert Pattinson, the twilight star. They have been friends for quite some time, but recent video taken of the two of them out at a bar and performing Karaoke, as well as whispers from sources, seems to indicate they have taken their friendship to another level.


3/19/14: Katy Perry tickets continue to maintain a particularly high price point, even months before her opening show. Fans are eagerly buying tickets to see the superstar singer perform in their hometown or region. Now is certainly the time to grab some seats so make sure to frequent our page for any ticket related information updates as we get nearer her tour beginning.


3/18/14: In today’s report on Katy Perry’s personal life, paparazzi and other reporters have dug up the fact that Katy spent a whopping $500,000 on new cars for five of her assistants. Katy purchased five Fisher Karmas, each costing her a little north of six figures. Katy has not confirmed or denied the reports.


3/17/14: Katy Perry apparently has very few friends in the music industry, as Lady Gaga sounded off on her this past Friday, just days after Miley Cyrus attacked her on Twitter. When compared to Perry, Lady Gaga said the two musicians were not similar at all and that their music is “so completely different.”


3/14/14: Paparazzi grabbed some shots of Katy Perry going to the gym the other day in news that is not particularly eventful, which is a nice change for Katy recently. Rumors of her split with John Mayer continue to circulate and with neither party confirming nor denying, it seems the two are in a rocky part of their relationship.


Katy Perry

3/13/14: Katy Perry can’t seem to avoid the headlines these days. First it was her ‘Dark Horse’ video that had many up in arms, followed by her break-up with boyfriend John Mayer. Then, she kissed Miley Cyrus while attending one of her shows on the Bangerz Tour. Let’s see what she has in store now.


1/28/2014 – Katy Perry showed her fans why she's on top with a Grammy performance that sizzled!



Katy Perry Announces Prismatic Tour Dates


Katy Perry History - Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (born October 25, 1984), better known by her stage name Katy Perry, is an American singer-songwriter and musician. Perry rose to fame in 2007 with her internet hit “Ur So Gay”, and has since had three number one hits, in the forms of ‘I Kissed a Girl’, ‘California Gurls’ and ‘Teenage Dream’.


Perry was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, United States by Christian pastor parents and grew up listening only to gospel music. After earning a GED during her freshman year of high school, she began to pursue a music career. Perry’s musical influences include Alanis Morissette, pop rockers Cyndi Lauper, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Shirley Manson, and Freddie Mercury.


As Katy Hudson, she released a self-titled gospel album in 2001. In 2004, she recorded an album with production team The Matrix. After signing on with Capitol Music Group in 2007, she took on stage name Katy Perry and released her first mainstream album, One of the Boys. Another album, Teenage Dream, was released on August 24, 2010 in the United States, and went worldwide August 30, 2010.


Katy re-released Teenage Dream as Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection in March 2012 , including a number-one single "Part of Me". Katy's fourth album called Prism was preceded "Roar" which was a single that climbed all the way to number one. Prism was intended to be darker than her previous albums but during it's creation it became influenced by Swedish dance music containing more upbeat concepts like living in the present and self-empowerment. Katy Perry continues to mature and get better with age emerging as one of the best recording artists of her time.


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